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they like to do their laundry late at night, around 1 a.m. I’ve never seen them but heard rumors of it being a woman who lives alone…alone with at least one dog. i know there’s a dog because something really fast likes to run across the room (as if chasing a ball) and there is a howling coming from up there whenever a fire truck goes by.
they play the piano late at night too. I can hear it in my hallway (which if they have the same layout as me is an awkward place for one) they play music of a person who has had 1 year of lessons. nothing fancy but more than chopsticks.
they like to listen to music with very loud bass sounds and also like to pound down the stairs almost in the same rhythm.

I don’t wonder about them, I never rush out to see what they look like when i hear them pounding down the stairs. but its weird how much i know from just being downstairs.


i just did not like these movies-trailers made them seem a lot more interesting then they were.


i’ll admit that i became one of those people who read and became obsessed with the twilight series. stories of vampire love drew me in and i stayed up late at night reading the stories and wanting more with every turn of the page. it brought me back to when i was younger and thought that vampires were seductive and fantasies filled my head.

but while reading these books it became apparent to me that these were for a younger reader because everything was to neatly wrapped up. they fall in love, he leaves, they are together, marriage, baby, happy with humans and werewolves. yes there were twists and turns but at the very end of the story i was feeling very “that’s it?”

i wanted terror and someone significant to die and someone else to suffer. not an ending where everyone gets what they want (even a very small side character found love!) but then i had to remind myself of it being an young adult book. 

the movie was worst.

i don’t understand commercials for weight lost showing people that really don’t need to lose weight. take weight watchers commercials with the little orange thing being hunger..every woman on there is a normal or average women that would need to lose 5 pounds (if that!) or slim fast showing a woman that is skinny kicking donuts away from her. the only commercials that have “big” people is those for surgery because that is the only way a real big person will lose weight!
so wrong…
if you are 5-10 pounds over weight, you’re not really over weight, try 50-150 pounds now that’s someone who needs to kick donuts or destroy orange hunger monsters.

25 random things about me….

1. I have a facination with true crime stories, especially about muder cases and children that kill. That sounds creepy doesn’t it.

2. I’ve been trying to learn how to speak French fluently since I was 12 years old and it still won’t stick.

3. My husband and I eloped and never told anyone for the first 3 months of our marriage.

4. I got married in an old GAP grey hoodie and yoga pants. At least it matched!

5. I have a huge collection of Star Wars toys and own 3 versions of the original movies.

6. I can do very well in a trivia game about Family Guy.

7. I like to sing really loud in the car. I get “into” it when I’m on long road trips.

8. When I get interested in something I NEED to find out everything about it, like Queens of England, the Presidents of the United States (and thier wives) or Ernest Hemingway.

9. I get obessesd a lot!

10. I don’t like hearing children sing! I don’t think it is cute or adorable. I think it’s annoying and hurts my ears.

11. I still like listening to Alanis Morisette’s first CD.

12. My favorite food is sushi and spaghetti but not together.

13. I can’t spell. At all. Don’t know how!

14. I’ve watched Blades of Glory 4 times this week.

15. I have Gimore Girls days where I watch all the episodes in order all day until I’m forced to stop.

16. My husband and I watch Jeopardy while we eat and try to answer questions with our mouths full of food.

17. I don’t like going to a new place by myself.

18. I’m shy around people (hard to believe for some but its true)

19. I secretly want to paint again but think I forgot how.

20. Empire Strikes Back was the better movie.

21. I liked Momma Mia – I want to SING!!!

22. I’m jealous of my friend’s life (you know who you are)

23. I like to stare at my husband because I still can’t believe I’m married – and its been 4 years!

24. I’ve been to 42 out of 50 states and one of those was Alaska and most by driving.

25. I want to be famous one day but don’t know for what (but never a reality show!!)

jane austen

jane austen

sometimes you feel the need for the classics and one of those times is now…i feel the need for austen, the jane variety. i am reading persuasion in the bedroom, pride and prejudice on my ipod, emma on demand and the jane austen book club in the living room (because i want to read about other people feeling the need for austen)

and true to form i am looking up everything about austen so i can learn about her in and out.

like the others this phase will probably pass and i’ll move on to another one…. i was looking for wuthering heights in my library yesterday.

its a strange thing to be looking at another persons life and realize that they have the life that you always thought you would have. but you don’t have that life you have the one that was near the register left for impulse buying…

i am in love with old hollywood. the leading ladies and men, melodramatic acting, the relationships, the clothes.

the other night two documentaries came on, one about Bette Davis the other Joan Crawford. many of us know about these two in legendary sense, they hated eachother, one could not stand wire hangers and the other had a song written about her eyes.

but these ladies were such hollywood royalty, when you watch about their lives it odd how similar they were-often sleeping with the same men.

for years i’ve leaned towards Joan- because she was cool and calm and i loved her style- i’m speaking movie joan not mother Joan. then after watching these two doc’s i come to realize that Bette had more of a likable personality. both were harsh, both mean, both abrasive but one i could see hanging out with more than the other.

sexy cop

sexy nurse

sexy pirate

sexy fairy

sexy mobster

sexy mermaid

sexy angel

sexy devil

sexy vampire

sexy witch

sexy betty rubble


and then me a zombie with no sexy attached- gotta love halloween