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ever notice on the ghost hunting shows what the “investigators” see is always out side of the camera range? why not wear a camera on your head or use one of those things they put on athletes to get a bird’s eye view. instead of us hearing you describe something and going “Whoa! Did you see that?” and cutting to commercial!


i have this other little fantasy of singing on Broadway. and not just any song but On My Own from Les Miserables. I have this song on my and when I’m alone in the car (or with the husband) i just belt it out!

I imagine spot lights on me and the crowd going insane because of my talent afterwards.

yes…i have a very rich imagination sometimes

i am trying to learn more French everyday. listening to podcasts and giving myself assignments but yet this language just eludes me. i just want to be able to speak French without sounding like an idiot.

i know its impossible but i imagine myself being a French writer even though i am A. not French and B. not a very good writer. but i envision my self living in a lofty apartment in Paris and writer in the morning as i drink coffee and spending my afternoons shopping for fresh cheese and bread. wearing scarfs. having fresh flowers in my kitchen everyday.

pretty much living out every romantic movie that takes place in France…

every once in awhile a song, movie or book will get stuck in my head. I’ll start thinking about it and want to either hear, watch, or read it.
so last night after dinner I was watching a movie and this song from years ago popped in and would not leave. so I started humming it and could not stop. finally i had to look it up online and was bummed to learn that i can not download it onto my ipod.
remember Shakespeare’s Sister? I loved them in high school and wanted to look like them but never could keep all the eye make-up from smearing.

i have a problem with job interviews when it starts off with an orientation about the company and showing you how much fun everybody is having at their conventions and going through how much money you could be making. Especially when that “one-on-one” interview is all about how successful the current market is and how great the company is moving up the latter.
Call me old fashion but I like it when during an interview you feel nervous and you sit there trying to convince the person that you are right for the job and not have that person try to sell you there success.
I felt like I was dealing with a con-man….

trying to sleep. watching movies and true crime. just waiting for that familiar feeling of heaviness in my eyes.
each time I close my eyes and open them again the clock gets later and later.
I just wsnt to sleep.
of course blogging in bed does not help.

patternsthere is a long list of wishes that i have but with my obsession of trying to make my old clothes look new (due to budget constraints) i really wish i knew how to sew.
watching re-runs of project runway help fuel this wish because i sit there and think i should be able to make myself a dress or a pair of pants or to even make an old top look new with a few cuts and stitches.
its late for new year resolutions but i think i will make one now – i will learn to sew (at least buy a sewing machine)

i am now completely obsessed with the Edies (big and little).

Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edith Beale. the first cousins of jackie-o yet so much more than that. these two eccentric women are a story together of high society into poverty and notoriety. a lot is being said about them right now due to a new movie out, but my obsession came long before when wondering through the Internet and finding out about the lives of others lead me to them. I love eccentric people. always have. people going by another beat to another drum rather than trying to fit in and failing miserably.

they wanted more while they lived and in death they truly have accomplished that more…

they like to do their laundry late at night, around 1 a.m. I’ve never seen them but heard rumors of it being a woman who lives alone…alone with at least one dog. i know there’s a dog because something really fast likes to run across the room (as if chasing a ball) and there is a howling coming from up there whenever a fire truck goes by.
they play the piano late at night too. I can hear it in my hallway (which if they have the same layout as me is an awkward place for one) they play music of a person who has had 1 year of lessons. nothing fancy but more than chopsticks.
they like to listen to music with very loud bass sounds and also like to pound down the stairs almost in the same rhythm.

I don’t wonder about them, I never rush out to see what they look like when i hear them pounding down the stairs. but its weird how much i know from just being downstairs.

i just did not like these movies-trailers made them seem a lot more interesting then they were.