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for our anniversaries my husband and i go to a little sushi restaurant that we frequented when we were just friends. i love the place that isn’t too fancy but always fills me up. the husband calls the chefs by name and they always joke about seeing us the next day.
and on special days they make something special that isn’t on the menu. and today was especially great…


I realize that I don’t blog that often not out of laziness just out of nothing to say. I don’t have much to do there for not many stories to entertain writing down and sharing with the Internet world.
I have stories about my mother because she is always entertaining and sometimes there are some interesting characters I run into during my days in retail (like the lady who wants to sit in the front of the store and asks us to bring her a shirt, and she means every shirt in the store for her to inspect and think about buying, because I get paid enough to be her personal shopper,yeah…)
but over-all its very quiet in this box I live. Maybe that’s why Twitter and Facebook are so appealing. Posting a couple of sentences of what you are doing right now seems to generate more comments than blogging about my likes and dis-likes.
I’m not stopping this just thinking out loud..

jane austen

jane austen

sometimes you feel the need for the classics and one of those times is now…i feel the need for austen, the jane variety. i am reading persuasion in the bedroom, pride and prejudice on my ipod, emma on demand and the jane austen book club in the living room (because i want to read about other people feeling the need for austen)

and true to form i am looking up everything about austen so i can learn about her in and out.

like the others this phase will probably pass and i’ll move on to another one…. i was looking for wuthering heights in my library yesterday.

sexy cop

sexy nurse

sexy pirate

sexy fairy

sexy mobster

sexy mermaid

sexy angel

sexy devil

sexy vampire

sexy witch

sexy betty rubble


and then me a zombie with no sexy attached- gotta love halloween

getting real tired of being yelled at…really pissed about having people take my faults and pointing them out every chance they get…and being told to change becasue the other person is never going to change becasue that is just them…

can be good, have mostly been bad…some movies hollywood knows that they shouldn’t touch.

in a previous post i talked about the 1939 movie the women. love this movie! although very dated and a fantasy (especially with the money these women have and spend) it is almost comforting to watch. an entire movie devoted to women-nothing but women in the movie but the main subject being men. Not that i like cattiness in my own life personally but it is fun to watch. an the way they talk, so fast and full of innuendos.

so i saw the re-make this weekend and i would be lying if i said i didn’t like it. i liked it, love no, like yes. it would be nice if this new version was closer to the original movie than trying to make it more modern (instead of an old maid from the original the character was changed to a lesbian) and they focused on the friendship between the women rather than the focus of someone losing the one they loved and trying to stay afloat while her “friends” keep her sinking.

I recommend the new version for rental on a boring saturday…

i just recommend the 1939 version

it continues and still no job, no work, no place to go in the morning, to occupy my time to make me wish i was at home and that’s what is strange is that when I’m at work i watch the clock waiting for it to confirm that it was time to go home and now that i’m home i long and need to go to work. i have a uniform at home of pajamas and gym clothes. i watch news in the morning and documentaries all afternoon until prime-time happens. i sometimes watch entire seasons of tv shows on dvd that before i wished for time to watch. i’ve joined things to get out of the house.

applied to several positions and it is nice to know i’m qualified and have a great personality but can you hire me too….

tried a new thing today- something i could never do if i was in my own right mine, because i usually don’t do anything new unless its with another person and this was totally on my own. and this new adventure required me to be totally non-judgemental and open to new things but yet i just couldn’t help it. staring at everyone, yawning, looking bored, wondering when it was going to be over, and looking at the woman who’s dress was great- nice pattern, great simple cut, but so inappropriate for where we were- maybe on a tropical island vacation but not where we were on this Sunday morning.

even though i am leaving this job on my own i still feel guilty about leaving. especially when there are the new people there that seem so happy about working there (of course they could just have that excitment starting a new job) but then i realize when i wake up in the morning and still dragging myself to work that leaving this job it what needs to be done.

I am out of here…

t.v. on another weekday night when a commercial for “the truth” comes on. it was the one that is a musical complete with animated animals dancing with the live duo as onlookers stare in amazement. and then it gets me thinking about the other truth commercial where the guy goes into various gun shops asking for “lite” bullets. and i start to think- god i hate these commercials and this entire campaign.

I know smoking is bad for me- others know that smoking is bad for them- so why do we need condescending commercials to try to convince us of what we already know. there are no lite bullets just like lite cigarettes are not different from the regular. yes cigarettes have been known to cause cancer- so has a lot of other things and maybe more to come. and maybe comments where made by CEO’s of these companies that are horrible and wrong but do we really need a couple of guys singing and dancing with imaginary animals in order for us to realize that smoking is bad for us. NO!!

Smoking is bad- that’s it- like an X-Files episode- “the truth is out there” (and we all know it already!)