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i am trying to learn more French everyday. listening to podcasts and giving myself assignments but yet this language just eludes me. i just want to be able to speak French without sounding like an idiot.

i know its impossible but i imagine myself being a French writer even though i am A. not French and B. not a very good writer. but i envision my self living in a lofty apartment in Paris and writer in the morning as i drink coffee and spending my afternoons shopping for fresh cheese and bread. wearing scarfs. having fresh flowers in my kitchen everyday.

pretty much living out every romantic movie that takes place in France…



  1. You keep trying! Nothing wrong with your fantasy. I, now and then, try to teach myself Norwegian. Go figure.

    We need to form a band, remember? Then we can afford to move to France and buy all the scarves Romy and Michele ever folded…

    • AHH yes we need to work harder towards those dreams!!! I want to be Romy She way cutier or is Michelle?

  2. “I’m the Mary, I’m the Mary.”

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