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Monthly Archives: March 2009

i just did not like these movies-trailers made them seem a lot more interesting then they were.



i’ll admit that i became one of those people who read and became obsessed with the twilight series. stories of vampire love drew me in and i stayed up late at night reading the stories and wanting more with every turn of the page. it brought me back to when i was younger and thought that vampires were seductive and fantasies filled my head.

but while reading these books it became apparent to me that these were for a younger reader because everything was to neatly wrapped up. they fall in love, he leaves, they are together, marriage, baby, happy with humans and werewolves. yes there were twists and turns but at the very end of the story i was feeling very “that’s it?”

i wanted terror and someone significant to die and someone else to suffer. not an ending where everyone gets what they want (even a very small side character found love!) but then i had to remind myself of it being an young adult book. 

the movie was worst.