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Monthly Archives: February 2009

i don’t understand commercials for weight lost showing people that really don’t need to lose weight. take weight watchers commercials with the little orange thing being hunger..every woman on there is a normal or average women that would need to lose 5 pounds (if that!) or slim fast showing a woman that is skinny kicking donuts away from her. the only commercials that have “big” people is those for surgery because that is the only way a real big person will lose weight!
so wrong…
if you are 5-10 pounds over weight, you’re not really over weight, try 50-150 pounds now that’s someone who needs to kick donuts or destroy orange hunger monsters.


25 random things about me….

1. I have a facination with true crime stories, especially about muder cases and children that kill. That sounds creepy doesn’t it.

2. I’ve been trying to learn how to speak French fluently since I was 12 years old and it still won’t stick.

3. My husband and I eloped and never told anyone for the first 3 months of our marriage.

4. I got married in an old GAP grey hoodie and yoga pants. At least it matched!

5. I have a huge collection of Star Wars toys and own 3 versions of the original movies.

6. I can do very well in a trivia game about Family Guy.

7. I like to sing really loud in the car. I get “into” it when I’m on long road trips.

8. When I get interested in something I NEED to find out everything about it, like Queens of England, the Presidents of the United States (and thier wives) or Ernest Hemingway.

9. I get obessesd a lot!

10. I don’t like hearing children sing! I don’t think it is cute or adorable. I think it’s annoying and hurts my ears.

11. I still like listening to Alanis Morisette’s first CD.

12. My favorite food is sushi and spaghetti but not together.

13. I can’t spell. At all. Don’t know how!

14. I’ve watched Blades of Glory 4 times this week.

15. I have Gimore Girls days where I watch all the episodes in order all day until I’m forced to stop.

16. My husband and I watch Jeopardy while we eat and try to answer questions with our mouths full of food.

17. I don’t like going to a new place by myself.

18. I’m shy around people (hard to believe for some but its true)

19. I secretly want to paint again but think I forgot how.

20. Empire Strikes Back was the better movie.

21. I liked Momma Mia – I want to SING!!!

22. I’m jealous of my friend’s life (you know who you are)

23. I like to stare at my husband because I still can’t believe I’m married – and its been 4 years!

24. I’ve been to 42 out of 50 states and one of those was Alaska and most by driving.

25. I want to be famous one day but don’t know for what (but never a reality show!!)