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Monthly Archives: December 2008

its a strange thing to be looking at another persons life and realize that they have the life that you always thought you would have. but you don’t have that life you have the one that was near the register left for impulse buying…


i am in love with old hollywood. the leading ladies and men, melodramatic acting, the relationships, the clothes.

the other night two documentaries came on, one about Bette Davis the other Joan Crawford. many of us know about these two in legendary sense, they hated eachother, one could not stand wire hangers and the other had a song written about her eyes.

but these ladies were such hollywood royalty, when you watch about their lives it odd how similar they were-often sleeping with the same men.

for years i’ve leaned towards Joan- because she was cool and calm and i loved her style- i’m speaking movie joan not mother Joan. then after watching these two doc’s i come to realize that Bette had more of a likable personality. both were harsh, both mean, both abrasive but one i could see hanging out with more than the other.