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Monthly Archives: September 2008

for the weekend. the husband decided to go spend the weekend with watching the college football game (we get to keep the canon yeah!!!) so i thought great, I’ll finish that book I’m reading, study my new religion(yes, i have one), look up new jobs online, go to the gym, make a light dinner, watch the movies he hates on our only HD TV, sing loudly to disco music as i vacuum the rug.

but i didn’t do anything- as soon as he left i sat around flipping through channels jumping from movie to reality tv to re-runs. i sat around got up for coffee made mashed potatoes for diner (so bad for me) and that’s it .i had such high hopes for me during this day alone…at least i have tomorrow to try to accomplish something at least the gym…


can be good, have mostly been bad…some movies hollywood knows that they shouldn’t touch.

in a previous post i talked about the 1939 movie the women. love this movie! although very dated and a fantasy (especially with the money these women have and spend) it is almost comforting to watch. an entire movie devoted to women-nothing but women in the movie but the main subject being men. Not that i like cattiness in my own life personally but it is fun to watch. an the way they talk, so fast and full of innuendos.

so i saw the re-make this weekend and i would be lying if i said i didn’t like it. i liked it, love no, like yes. it would be nice if this new version was closer to the original movie than trying to make it more modern (instead of an old maid from the original the character was changed to a lesbian) and they focused on the friendship between the women rather than the focus of someone losing the one they loved and trying to stay afloat while her “friends” keep her sinking.

I recommend the new version for rental on a boring saturday…

i just recommend the 1939 version

it continues and still no job, no work, no place to go in the morning, to occupy my time to make me wish i was at home and that’s what is strange is that when I’m at work i watch the clock waiting for it to confirm that it was time to go home and now that i’m home i long and need to go to work. i have a uniform at home of pajamas and gym clothes. i watch news in the morning and documentaries all afternoon until prime-time happens. i sometimes watch entire seasons of tv shows on dvd that before i wished for time to watch. i’ve joined things to get out of the house.

applied to several positions and it is nice to know i’m qualified and have a great personality but can you hire me too….

tried a new thing today- something i could never do if i was in my own right mine, because i usually don’t do anything new unless its with another person and this was totally on my own. and this new adventure required me to be totally non-judgemental and open to new things but yet i just couldn’t help it. staring at everyone, yawning, looking bored, wondering when it was going to be over, and looking at the woman who’s dress was great- nice pattern, great simple cut, but so inappropriate for where we were- maybe on a tropical island vacation but not where we were on this Sunday morning.

there is one space left closest to the entrance

i drive around hoping that no one will take it

another car comes from the opposite direction

we both stop right before the parking space

i wave her to go by, knowing that she can easily take the spot if she wanted to

she frantically waves me to go by first, so i take the spot

i get out of the car, she pulls up and yells through her window

“i was waiting for that spot!”

“so was i.”

“no you weren’t!”

“yes i was!”

“God will take care of you!”

another experience…

driving around with my brother-in-law’s sister (my sister’s sister-in-law) during the holiday season at the mall

there are no parking spaces near the mall

finally after 10 minutes of driviing around my sister sees one

“there! there’s one right over there!”

the sister-in-law sighs…

“i knew we would find one close to the mall soon enough because i was praying, ‘God, please help me in my quest’ and he did.”

we parked the car and got out…

you know why things are happening? because God is taking care of the parking crisis right now.