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Monthly Archives: July 2008

meet the puppy today and of course he’s completly cute and annoyingly adorable-still shed a tear though- i need help, i know…..


saw “Mama-Mia” with friends this weekend-(great fun ladies!!!!) and i walked out of that theatre singing ABBA songs and longing for everyone on the streets to start singing with me. what is it about musicals that makes you want to have a musical moment in real life? you want to just break out in song and everyone around you will know all the moves and lyrics. so this movie made me think about an obsession i had in my 20’s with the movie Muriel’s Wedding, loved that movie- could not get enough, had the movie poster on the wall by my bed and bought ABBA’s greatest hits to listen to over and over until i knew all the words. and now after Saturday night i searched for my ABBA Gold CD and as i type i’m listening and singing to the great ABBA!!!


my dog died a couple of days ago, the family dog that lived with my parents and really was my dad’s and lived about an hour away. he was old and went fast and quietly, and it happened about a week ago and i’m a complete mess about it.

my parents called me in the evening to tell me that he died that morning- they didn’t want to call me in the morning because i had to go to work. first it’s my mom saying he died than she quickly gives the phone to my dad so that he can tell me in greater detail of what happened.

and I’m silly because i was thinking about the last time i saw him at my parents just a week before and how happy he was wanting to get petted and eating some dog jerky thing.

i’m an adult but cried for most of that first night and the next- tears still come up now

my husband wanted to get my parents another dog – even though it was too soon and they still have another dog (who my father says i should prepare myself about)- he thought that it would be nice for my parents to get a puppy, i said no.

only to find out just now that my parents have gotten a dog- a puppy- that is just so “cute”; doesn’t anyone mourn any more? sure it was a dog but he was our dog and had been with us for almost 13 years!!! yes- i have now turned into one of those people who may never get over the death of a pet!!!!!

strange how a death, even a pet’s death, can bring out traits of yourself you never knew existed.