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Monthly Archives: June 2008

first it started with i love the 80’s on VH1, i admit that i was hooked on watching it because being a child in the 80’s it brought back a lot of memories of Care Bears, Smurfs, Thriller, DeBarge, Trapper Keepers, Facts of life and Different Strokes. Then came i love the 90’s, which came thoughts of junior high and high school not to mention the first years of my budding adulthood. then i love the 70’s-which I’m too young to remember but i have older sisters that explained a few things.

then came i love the new millennium. I’m not suggesting that VH1 wait 1000 years before they begin this trip down memory lane but if you watch the other show and know the pattern of showing each decade you may think to yourself, “this decade hasn’t ended yet”. they are talking about last year on this show! the best thing about the 80’s and the 90’s yo can sit there and think about the past and say ” i remember how i would wake up early every Saturday morning to watch 90 minutes of the smurfs and i remember how i used to beg my parents for a swatch watch” but things that happened less than 8 months ago don’t seem as thrilling.

but then everything started to make me think…what happened to music television? My husband and i were in the car driving to somewhere and i mentioned how MTV used to show videos . not just for a couple of hours a day but all day long. they had Vjays and music news. interviews with artisits and sometimes special days where it was all of Madonna’s videos or the top songs of ’84. everything was just music and now its nothing but reality tv. nothing but watching naked people making out and then yelling at eachother in a seeries of *beeps*. even VH1 has fallen to this trap and MTV2 whic was supposed to show videos just shows a few in the early morning and then back to reality tv.

remmeber YO MTV Raps or Headbangers Ball? Kurt Loder giving us the “news” on the hour every hour. Remember when you can ask your friends if they had seen the new video of that group you were obsessed with at the time and you didn’t have to look it up on youtube. and i’m sorry i do miss watching through 15 videos just so i can see the ONE i was waiting for and recording it on my VHS tape that was full of all my favorite videos.



i’m  a little down because of somethings so I’m trying to get my mind involved with other things just so it stays occupied and not bother me so much.

I have always wanted to speak french fluently so I am going to spend a lot of time trying to do just that. I have even taken to listening to “learn to speak french” cds at work-this may relieve some of the depression i am feeling because of certain situations. 

And when I’m done I’ll start on Italian.

also books, i used to read all the time, before bed, during lunch, throughout boredom- not so much lately. I’ll try getting into that again. Right now I’m finishing the second book of the “Abarat”- after that I’ll run to the bookstore for another. this will also help me with re-building my library that i sort of gave up when i got married.

i might even take classes- cooking, sewing, quilting, wine-tasting- anything to get my mind off of other things.   

i know that i’m originally from a place where earthquakes are common and big and i shouldn’t be scared if i get woken up on a sunday morning when i’m trying to sleep in by an earthquake that shook the entire 2nd floor and woke me up from one of those dreams that you try to explain to friends the next day so that you can all analyze it.

it’s a little un-nerving when you went through a “big” one then move to a totally different area that never had a big one in your life-time then feel “medium” ones. and not ONE- multiple medium “ones”.


losing your wallet. losing your wallet when you have never really lost your wallet before- and when i mean that i have never lost my wallet before i mean that there have been times that i have mis-placed my wallet but find it again almost immediately in a place that i am often at.

last friday i lost my wallet, somewhere between work home and Narnia, i lost my wallet. I don’t go anywhere during the week expect home, work and gym, but last friday i just happened to have an event to go to that made me realize that i lost my wallet. i didn’t lose it there though because i discovered the wallet was missing before i left the house to go there.

when your wallet is missing your thoughts go to what was in the wallet! where could it be? i went back to my office with a flashlight at mid-night looking at every dark corner, i went through the laundry, i turned my car inside out- then on saturday morning i had to face the fact- it was gone.

so on saturday i went to the bank cancelled the cards and went to the DMV. which I’m going to digress*

*if only one of you needs to go to the DMV why don’t the other one stay at home with the kids! even if you have other places to go that day you know the DMV will be busy with people that are annoyed and don’t need to hear your kids running around trying to make a game out of everything! Just have the person in need of being at the DMV to be at the DMV and the other take the kids someplace else where kids need to be!

the DMV was fun. at least i made sure that this id picture was a lot….A LOT…better than the last one…

and now for a week i have to carry cash, can’t order things online and just wait for new cards….FUN…