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Monthly Archives: May 2008

so i’m feeling much better than before so now its time for my new obsession….Thai Iced Tea

i don’t know if its because its a 3-day weekend and i have vowed not to do anything at all this weekend but watch, read, type, but i can’t get enough of the iced tea. before i discovered the Asian store down the street from me that sold the loose leaf red tea i was going to the Thai restaurant across town to get the drink (and of course some food too) but now that i have a bag and a way of getting the stuff i’ve been drinking it like there was nothing else to drink. i have even converted my coffee maker into a tea maker so that i can make large batches of the stuff, after my husband gets his first cup of coffee of course.

I’ve had two glasses (forget cups!) so far while watching a re-run of family guy and i’m going back for more in a second. i’m bringing a jar of this stuff to work on Tuesday so i may be in a better mood at work. i might not eat anything ever again until this obsession subsides, because no food is better than Thai Iced Tea!



you know that feeling deep inside your stomach where you just don’t feel good, you sit and watch tv, eat something, maybe go to a store but it doesn’t help because you don’t feel good- you want to do something but it doesn’t work out that way and no matter what you do no mater what you try this feeling won’t go away and you can’t feel good.

i have rediscovered the 90’s today- yes another obsession that might last a awhile or disappear quickly like so many do- the 1990’s when i was in junior high, then high school, then a new adult. I was listening to the radio this morning and the smashing pumpkins ” today” got into my head. Then i’m looking on-line for other alternative songs fro the 90’s to play all day long. Next thing you know I’m thinking about watching “Pretty Woman” because i remembered how romantic i thought that was when i was 13.

Reality Bites was like a video bible to me- and the soundtrack!

ABC has free episodes of My So-Called Life- that i watch while “working” and New kids on the block are touring again.

I still can’t believe that Rayanne slept with Jordan

Tony and Angela finally kissed

the original Real World

gradution party for a friend while OJ drives-slowly- away from the police

the Clinton years- Bill not the other one

All i need know are arguments with friends about who should Dylan get with Kelly or Brenda.   

more later as they slowly come back to me….