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Monthly Archives: March 2008

i’m not in a bad mood, although they are very similar, i am sick- i’m not giggly or happy, somber and quiet is more like it- i’m sick. just sick. my throat itches, my head feels foggy, i can’t stop coughing and i’m “hungry” for hot tea. i’m not mad at you- or anyone else. i’m not in a good  or bad mood. i’m sick.

plain and simple.



i have come to the fact that the women at my gym love to be naked. LOVE it. they don’t just walk from the shower, steam room or other side of the locker room to their locker naked they stand around talk to each-other sit on the couch and benches. they stand their completely naked with flip-flops on and have full conversations with their friends for long periods of time not putting on clothes but just naked.

i’m one of those people that take of my pants and them immediately put on my sweats, same with shirt. I’m not a complete “prude” and i don’t hide myself while dressing i just get dressed then go into the gym (you know the sole purpose of my visit to the gym). but these women just want to be naked. and with them being naked i can’t help but stare because they are naked.

on tuesday i was walking into the the locker room and i saw a sight that just stopped me. there at the mirrors where the gym have so graciously left blow-dryers and curling irons for our use,  was a young lady, with absolutely no clothes on, a blow-dryer in each hand using them to dry herself off (i’m guessing after a shower) both front and back. one pointed to her chest the other to her back. i was shocked and trying real hard to not laugh (i wished i had a friend with me because at least then i can cover my laughter with her) okay so i know its a locker room and people get naked but there are limits- limits!!!! things you may do at home in your bedroom and bathroom are not necessarily the things you should be doing in the locker rooms- its still a public area!

standing there blow-drying herself off! come-on!!!  

sometimes i’ll become obsessed with a band and need to buy all of their cd’s at once to feel complete-i don’t know where these music obsessions come from but it can be very pricey if i catch the wave near the shore, (i.e. the beastie boys obsession circa 2005). 

goldfrapp-my new one-i have went through my entire small city looking for all of their cd’s and listening to them everywhere i go-and everywhere i go the people around me listen too- work, car, gym- headphones can get loud! 

a new obsession!! i know i’m late on this-very late but i have to say that i love my ipod! love it! i don’t even have music on it, just podcasts, movies, books- i would have games but i don’t want my psp to get lonely. the podcasts are great for news, the books work really well with going to the gym. when i was in junior high i had this science teacher that would read to us everyday a book for about the first 15 minutes of class-not science books but novels- and we got through a few classics doing it that way but this is great everyday at the gym and 45 minutes more into a novel- i still like doing it the old fashion way but its like i’m reading two books at one time.