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so i was at the local laundry mat on sunday (i had lapsed on my laundry for so long that i needed more than one machine-plus i don’t have one) and it was packed. i tried going early enough so that the last minute sunday night people wouldn’t be there but i guess i wasn’t the only one with this idea. as i’m loading my clothes into 3 machines i hear a woman speaking next to me, at first i thought she was asking me something but then after a second i realized that she was on the phone using a head-set. now i like my head-set, for in the car and things like that but in public and especially when its someone with long hair it can be confusing for others. i went about my business but couldn’t help but to listen to this woman’s conversation; 1)because there was nothing to do, 2) because she was loud and speaking enough that i was getting a lot of the story:

She’s a stripper- which surprised me because when i found that out i immediately checked her out and she was very plain looking, small, with a huge nose. (now i know that a few of you might think that i was jumping to conclusions but i live in a place where stripping and prostitution is not uncommon or illegal-3 guesses where i live) she didn’t get as much in tips as before because she wasn’t dancing as much but being more of a “hostess” but she was still getting enough to live on. there’s a guy from work that she getting along with better, she made a joke and he laughed. a friend is seeing an ex-boyfriend again but no one cares, she still had a lot more laundry to do, and finally “we” are not to say Larry, that name does not exist because “we” are mad.

 next sunday Larry might exist again


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