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i was at raley’s the other day buying stuff for a big breakfast, it was pretty crowded with sunday morning shoppers and this particular raley’s store was remodeling so there was a lot of us running around trying to figure out where everything thing was. i walked over to the bakery thinking maybe i’ll add donuts to the menu- i was asked at least 5 times if i needed help. its not that big of a store and i knew exactly where i was going. when i finally got to the bakery, just stepped into the section, not even a second in the section, couldn’t really see what was in the case when i hear ” morning ma’am, what can i get for you?” that’s when i lost it- “hold on a sec, i just got here let me look!”

i know its juvenile but i always hear about complaints of lack of service and i’m going to start complaining about too much service! relax! i appreciate you wanting to help but sometimes i just want to look, sometimes i need time, sometimes i don’t need anything but i’ll be sure to ask when i do!



  1. The thing is, companies make it a requirement to talk with customers: to acknowledge them as soon as they are seen. I know as a customer I am frustrated by this but as an employee of a corporation I have to speak with customers. The problem seems to be that people don’t understand that this just comes with the territory. We’re not going to harass you or make you buy something you don’t want. We’re trying to let you know we’re there if you do need assistance. And we’re trying to follow corporate rules. If I ran my company I would give people more space and time. But I don’t. It’s unfortunate that we haven’t achieved that happy medium between too little and too much service.

    That’s just my perspective as one who has worked far too long on the other side of the counter…

    Missing you and hoping you are doing well, btw!

    • theswimmingelephant
    • Posted 8 February 2008 at 3:54 pm
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    i’ve worked on the other side of the counter too! good-times. i think there should be a style or a different way of doing it. “Hello, how are you today (pause) “are you ready or do you need more time?” See!!!! the other way seems too much and makes me want to walk away which i did.

    Miss you too!!!!! We need to get together for coffe! i have to tell you my addiction to coffee has grown!!!

  2. Oh yes, I agree. I think people now are convinced that they will be attacked that they almost attack back. Which means that everyone feels hostile and like they are being attacked–in most cases, probably they aren’t. Haven’t figured out a way to convince people I’m just greeting them. I try to give them personal space, I try to be polite. Sigh.

    Yes, let’s try to get together. Maybe the chocolate bar someday? I’m helping out on another show through next weekend (feb. 17th).


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