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Monthly Archives: February 2008

this day, 2/14, has never meant much to me. when i got married it meant more, when a single friend asked this year-“what are you doing?” it was simple, “hanging out with my husband”, nothing more, nothing less, nothing more needed. when i was single it seems like this day was an event, eating all the horrible things you always want to eat all at once and watching those movies that make you say “why can’t i find a guy like that?!” but i like the quiet day with nothing more needed.

and he’s the best…. 


so i was at the local laundry mat on sunday (i had lapsed on my laundry for so long that i needed more than one machine-plus i don’t have one) and it was packed. i tried going early enough so that the last minute sunday night people wouldn’t be there but i guess i wasn’t the only one with this idea. as i’m loading my clothes into 3 machines i hear a woman speaking next to me, at first i thought she was asking me something but then after a second i realized that she was on the phone using a head-set. now i like my head-set, for in the car and things like that but in public and especially when its someone with long hair it can be confusing for others. i went about my business but couldn’t help but to listen to this woman’s conversation; 1)because there was nothing to do, 2) because she was loud and speaking enough that i was getting a lot of the story:

She’s a stripper- which surprised me because when i found that out i immediately checked her out and she was very plain looking, small, with a huge nose. (now i know that a few of you might think that i was jumping to conclusions but i live in a place where stripping and prostitution is not uncommon or illegal-3 guesses where i live) she didn’t get as much in tips as before because she wasn’t dancing as much but being more of a “hostess” but she was still getting enough to live on. there’s a guy from work that she getting along with better, she made a joke and he laughed. a friend is seeing an ex-boyfriend again but no one cares, she still had a lot more laundry to do, and finally “we” are not to say Larry, that name does not exist because “we” are mad.

 next sunday Larry might exist again

i was at raley’s the other day buying stuff for a big breakfast, it was pretty crowded with sunday morning shoppers and this particular raley’s store was remodeling so there was a lot of us running around trying to figure out where everything thing was. i walked over to the bakery thinking maybe i’ll add donuts to the menu- i was asked at least 5 times if i needed help. its not that big of a store and i knew exactly where i was going. when i finally got to the bakery, just stepped into the section, not even a second in the section, couldn’t really see what was in the case when i hear ” morning ma’am, what can i get for you?” that’s when i lost it- “hold on a sec, i just got here let me look!”

i know its juvenile but i always hear about complaints of lack of service and i’m going to start complaining about too much service! relax! i appreciate you wanting to help but sometimes i just want to look, sometimes i need time, sometimes i don’t need anything but i’ll be sure to ask when i do!