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Monthly Archives: January 2008

i watch a lot of tv, a LOT of tv and now that my weekends have expanded to 3 days the tv watching is in full effect. my days, since all my friends are still in the normal hours of mon-fri 8-5 and the better half works on sat, have been filled with vh1 best of, greatest …, celeb-reality, pretty much everything on vh1. this week i have discovered celebrity rehab with dr. drew. i want to say first of all this will not become one of my obsessions but i have to tell you that it becomes ironically addicting to watch.

the show has been on for a few weeks but last friday was a “mini” marathon that got me hooked- simply because i can watch hours of drug induced “celebrities” and not have to wait another week to find out what happens.

what really gets me about celebrity reality shows is the people chosen to be celebrities. are they really? a few may have been in the 80’s, briefly in the 90’s but not really high celebrity status. and i’m sorry but a “regular” person that was on another reality show does not leave that show and then become a celebrity on another reality show that is supposed to be a cast of celebrities (ex-american idol finalist included)

i do love project runway though… good show.

 medium is another favorite that i know can be silly at times, i mean she’s a psychic trying to have an normal life with her family but sometimes, just sometimes i enjoy drama  created by writers with a little comedy added and not reality tv induced drama brought on by complete strangers forced to be together and filmed by other strangers in settings created by producers.

i miss fiction….


i am, right now, a lone in my new office for the first time. there aren’t a lot of us at my new company but there have always been someone here when i was. today after being here a month they have all left me thinking that i will be able to handle it. and whats there to handle? make sure the coffee pot is off, lock the doors, set alarm, but i have this nagging feeling that some how i’m going to screw something up and a huge disaster will happen? what can happen? ever read cat in the hat or seen any disney movie where the kids (animal or human) are left alone without parental supervision? that’s what i feel like right now!

want to hear something funny? i haven’t had a home computer in 2 years….i was living a life without the access to everyone else. no way to look up things in the middle of the night or go shopping in my pajamas when i want to buy clothes but don’t feel like going outside. for a long time i have had to rely on friends, work, and the public library for internet access, but thankfully after sooooo…….many…..months,  i now have a computer. and what was i waiting for? nothing really just never got around to buying one.

all i need now is internet access and i’m good to go.