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Monthly Archives: December 2007

…really not as long as i think it has been but long enough for me to realize that i’m slacking in the blog world. new job, new stuff, new year,has kept me busy with other things. sad excuse i know, but an excuse.

Viva la New!!!


that’s me….every since i was a little girl i’ve been obsessed (i’m sure you’ve noticed that i have a lot of obsessions) with france and the french culture. france just seemed so romantic and beautiful to me, although i had never been.

in junior high i took french because i wanted to speak the language, and continued to take it in college and yet still cannot speak a word of french. i watch movies and have posters, calendars all of france, all about the french life and yet i have never been there. I check french vogue everyday to see what is new in the world of french fashion-don’t understand a word of it but it makes me feel excentric. a nice dinner for me is brie, pate and a baguette but i don’t like wine….when it comes down to it i make a terrible francophile…

new obsession-the drama, the over-acting, the CLOTHES!!!