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Monthly Archives: October 2007


love this time of year, and not for dressing up in lingerie or as a cute furry animal, i mean Halloween! ghouls, goblins, blood sucking creatures (not just the “sexy” kind) ghosts, witches, the undead!!

i must admit that when i was younger i dressed up in the non-halloween fashion, a gangster (mob-like) or a hippie (1960’s like) but I have come to realize that dressing up for Halloween is to dress up for the day of the dead. last night i told my husband that if we had children we would not have a child dressed up as a cute bear or flower but as a ghoul, a little goblin, or a ghost. i guess its good for others that i don’t have kids.

of course i can never take away the candy…..

my celebrations consist of dressing up, watching slasher movies and waiting with a bowl of candy for the children to not come to my house (its hidden) which will leave me with the excuse that i will have to eat the candy that just so happens to be my favorite kind so it doesn’t go to waste!


every once in awhile i’ll become obsessed with something, anything really and now for this week i’m obsessed with the first ladies. THE first ladies. it started with martha washington as whom it should start, and then quicky went down the line, abigail smith adams, elizabeth kortright monroe, emily donelson (who wasn’t the wife but the niece of andrew jackson)

interseting facts would come up, such as martha and george washington never had children together but raised hers from a previous marriage. martha washington jefferson randolph (very big in using every name back then) was the daughter of thomas jefferson (three guess on who she was named after) and assumed the role of first lady due to the death of her mother. she was the mother of 12 and dorothea dandridge payne todd madison, who was james madison’s wife, took over the duties for jefferson. i have noticed that a lot of presidential nieces, sisters, daughters, friend’s wives assumed the role of first lady if the president didn’t have one of his own. edith roosevelt (wife of teddy) didn’t care much for her niece eleanor (fdr’s wife) and didn’t want to see her as first lady.

bess truman lived longest at 97y 247d, of course there is still nancy (reagan).  frances folsom cleveland was the youngest first lady at 21 yrs, her husband was  a lot older. and they were the only two to get married in the white house (as president and wife) letitia christian tyler, caroline harrison, and ellen louise wilson all died during their husband’s presidency.


woke up at 3 pm

            was up very late, being up with my husband

had breakfast, lunch, dinner all in one meal (saves on cooking time and can get very full!!!)

never changed out of sweats (my pajama uniform)

oddly enough i went to bed at 10pm (much too early for someone who slept all day)


woke up at 9:30 am (mom called)

made breakfast


watched all the shows i recorded on dvr and even a couple of marathons that were on until about 8 pm (husband asleep the whole time)

went to starbucks (i need caffeine at night)

went to the movies saw 30 days of night (interesting, not the best but its halloween)         

            theatre was packed with teenagers using terrible language because that’s how the    

            others in their species can understand them.


(football day)

went to my parent’s house

ate lunch

took a nap

went home

late dinner

watched tv with husband

diets suck!!!

i am forever wondering what it is i’m supposed to be doing. i know that it’s something that i shouldn’t be thinking about constantly but its just something stuck to my mind that i can never get out. i’m going to start working again on being artistic, (while i’m also working on my diet)

trying to get back into art:

i’ll start slowly. last fall i took an art class and was devastated upon receiving a b-. never have i received such a grade in an art class. but this was something that i took after not picking up a paintbrush, pencil, charcoal, pastel, anything in 5+ years so i guess i deserved it. but still, very devastating. to start out slowly i have decided to draw at least one finish picture a week, lets see how that goes and if i can keep it up.

doodle.jpg   doodles made when I was supposed to be paying attention….

radom call on my cell:

hi!!! i’m steven, andrew’s friend

i’m sorry i don’t know an andrew

isn’t this his wife

no, i think you have the wrong number

is this (then he says my number slowly)

yes it is, but i’m not andrew’s wife

you sound lovely are you someone’s wife


dilbert2007183331018.gif   its sad when you read a comic strip and can relate…